erorsI couldn’t find any information about this/these person(s)? (other than a bandcamp page selling this tape) but given the intentionally murky ambience of the music release, that may be fitting.

Erors plough a musical furrow that has seen a fair bit of ploughing in the last few years (Hazy synth worship), but certainly have their fair share of moments.

The first track ‘Maul of America’ opens with what sounds like wind chimes tinkling on a porch that is about to be sucked into a demonic sinkhole. A melodic synth progression emerges from the murk and makes for a pretty compelling start to the tape. Unfortunately the spell is broken on the second track ‘Crad’ when some rather nasty IDM type beats emerge from it’s previously beguiling static. It’s true that these percussive elements are somewhat shorn of their usual hi-gloss teeth by the sound quality, but they’re still an unwelcome addition to the soundscape, and I was very relieved when they did not re-appear on any of the other tracks.

Erors are at their best when they keep it simple. ‘Empirical Phantasm’ Has a glacial Eno like quality with the ambience of early Blues Control. Very static and stately – tracks like this could easily be given more room to unfold. Some of the other tracks either fail to make an impression by fading out too quickly, or getting bogged down when too many elements pile up on one another. Less is certainly more with this kind of stuff.

There are exceptions to this generalization. ‘Gradient Fade’ starts off as a fog of submarine ambience, and gradually evolves and peaks with an almost industrial sounding ,modulating synth line. It’s the nearest thing to ‘noise’ offered here, and it works because it manages to move from a to b in a way that keeps you involved.

The last track ‘Sodden Turf’ is the winner of the bunch for me. A haunting keyboard phrase repeated over abstracted percussive rumblings, it settles in one place long enough to be properly contemplated, and stays with you, not just because it’s the last track, but because it’s the best.

I don’t know if this is Erors first release, (the matrix on this is bunker days 001) but if it is, it is certainly full of promise.

– D. Balthazar.

Get it here – http://erors.bandcamp.com/


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