I’d never heard the name before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I listened about halfway through before looking inside for titles or credits, just in case it was anybody I knew. Turns out, there was a familiar name, but it didn’t matter because I already liked it. From the insert I expected 2 tracks on side one and 3 on the other, apparently they are cross-faded because each side seems like one long piece.

Side One starts out a bit reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, but better. Pulsating and throbbing, then moaning and screaming to climax, transitioning to what sounds like a roto-guitar in a train tunnel descending to the depths of Hell. The other side finds a way out of this Hell, but not right away. Huge slabs of rhythmic noise, twisting and scraping, bleating in silence, then jolted upward, voices from beyond maybe, to a possible escape.

There is a lot of ‘noise’ these days that is obviously derivative, this goes beyond that, sometimes I think the students have surpassed the so-called Masters.

– Robert Turman

Get it here – www.cae-sur-a.com


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