I find it extremely difficult to write about the music on this CD because it’s so abstract and cinematic that my brain just freezes when I try to translate what I’m hearing into clever adjectives or pitchfork-worthy metaphors. First off, this music is said to be a soundtrack for a film (still not yet completed) based on a collection of photos taken by a “notorious” bank robber (I’ve never heard of the guy), unfortunately, the CD doesn’t include said collection of photos (just a few were used for the artwork of the CD) nor the film so there’s no visual guide to the music. You just have to use your goddamn imagination until you somehow get your hands on the film.

Machinefabriek’s music, at least what I’ve heard up until now, tends to be very minimal and subtle without being boring and without abusing the listener with endless repetition. The music on this CD is full-on ambient by definition (drone to the max!) tones rise and fall and melt together creating…. ambient music worthy of a movie soundtrack. I know this sounds simplistic and not very in depth, but trust me, it’s really good and well worth a listen, and besides… the world doesn’t need more pretentious music journo a**holes making verbal poetry to sell you this one.

While I imagine the music fits the film perfectly, and probably because I haven’t seen the film, I can’t help but imagine this music playing while we see a serial killer driving through the plains on his way to bring a violent end to the life of his next random victim.  My apologies to the pro-lifers out there, but I just get more excited about serial killers than I do bank robbers. Bank robbers are just plain greedy, and there’s something a lot more romantic and interesting about some wacko committing murder for no particular reason other than to satisfy his own impulses than some dude holding people at gunpoint just so he can line his pockets. Both are extremely selfish acts for sure, but what would you rather watch, “Badlands” or “The Town”?

Get it here if you’re down with the Compact Disc format – http://importantrecords.com


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