This new tape on the excellent Cae-Sur-A label by prolific Norwegian duo Bjerga/Iversen, made up of Sindre Bjerga and Jan-morten Iversen respectively, provided me with an excellent soundtrack for my now 7th day straight of working from home due to Super-storm Sandy and its aftermath. And now, as I write this, it’s snowing outside and if there’s one thing that makes me think of Norway, it’s snow.

Cascading Failures’ side A is a very minimal affair, with low humming generator-like tones that then collapse into some louder scrapes and outburst of mid-range notes. It starts off like the sound of a machine, functioning, as it should, and then starting to slowly crash, with exploding parts and all. I live for this sort of minimalist noise.

Side B starts off with bleak sounding echoes that fade in and out, like the sound of machinery but this time down in a tunnel somewhere with the occasional drop of a tool on the wet cement floor. Then the sound rises up and we’re treated to a more steady drone, with sweeping echo-treated tones in the background which then break off to the sound of footsteps to be followed by a distorted hum loop, and the sound of small bells or chimes, clicks of digital distortion, undecipherable voices in the background and a rising single tone.

This is most definitely my kind of tape, minimal, simple and expressive. Not noise for the sake of noise and volume, but noise with different textures and tones that capture your attention and imagination. Also the volume is just right not too loud, not too soft, and both the j-card and cassette imprint are gorgeous.

Get it here – http://www.cae-sur-a.com


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