Wow, experimental music with singing vocals, this is something I haven’t heard in a long time. Very androgynous sounding and undecipherable vocals, maybe like what that Antony guy sounds like but I wouldn’t know ‘cause I’ve never actually heard any of his music. Smooth synth lines, drum machine and guitar chords play in the background while looped vocals create a ghost-like chorus of voices. Most of the tracks have an almost pop-like structure, you know… a verse a chorus a verse and all that jazz. Very well executed, but this totally just goes over my head, reminds me way too much of a lot of the indie rock out there emulating and co-opting African-American musical traditions and the folklore sounds of other nations that the U.S. has oppressed/invaded/bombed. So what I’m saying CS Luxem is: “It’s not you, it’s me.” Overall, CS Luxem’s side has a very melancholy sound, which is exactly how I felt when I watched The Phantom Menace in a packed theater back in ’99 and, like millions of other human beings, felt like my hopes for a decent Star Wars prequel series were being ripped apart by George Lucas.

As for Lazurite, I feel the need to disclose that I released a solo tape by this very talented artist so my review is of course inherently biased. So unlike those fine folks at Fox News, I can’t be “Fair and Balanced”. Lazurite is Megan Moncrief, a musician and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY who makes her own sounds using synths, effect pedals, her voice and an amplified Ukelin which she treats, plays and beats with different objects. Seeing her live as a pretty awesome experience, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Lazurite’s music is probably what comes closest to me as a direct, yet evolving, line from early industrial music minus all the misogynistic/fascism-fetish baggage from the post-TG scene. She is just one person/entity, but her music sounds like multiple personalities interacting to create these deeply layered environments. The sounds of metal scraping, the bubbling thick and sludgy water, neon-signs flickering on a cold desolate street. It’s all there, and it is awesome.

Get it here – http://whatevertapes.bandcamp.com/album/cs-luxem-lazurite-w4e-009


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